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Andrea and Paul

Fresh Salmon


Select options from;

Whole fish gutted at approx £14.50 per kilo, whole fish range from 4-6 kilo, select the approx weight you require, we will supply the closest available weight.

Salmon fillet portions at £26.00 per kilo, select from the whole boneless fillet (a side) approx 1.5-2kilo, or fillet portions from 150g (Child Size portion)  200g (adult size portion), 500g portion or 1 kilo.

If you want any alternative size or have special requests including descaling please put a note at the checkout, all portions will be vacuum packed unless advised otherwise, fish is only de-scaled on request.


Fresh Salmon 

A popular fish which easily adapts to so many different recipes, eats well cold and is the freshest farmed Salmon so it is great for eating raw.

We are currently seeing unprecedented rises in salmon prices – we held off upping the price for as long as possible, but we currently have no choice.

Supermarket fish will be 7-10 days older, but their contracts keep their prices low if you are on a budget.

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