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For over 30 years Paul Wheston has worked in the seafood industry. Since the age of 17, Paul has gained experience from working in various areas of the fish trade including Smoking factories, fish farms, and as a production manager in several smoked salmon companies.


Paul has taken short trips on ocean fishing boats to experience all aspects of this industry, understanding and appreciating all processes of the fish industry from the sea to the plate.

Having established himself as a reputable wholesale fish merchant, Paul continued this role as a stay at home parent between 2005 and 2014, trading seafood as an Agent within the industry.

Paul maintains his connections in the trade, enabling him to bring you the highest quality produce and best deals going! .

“I’m happy because I feed people” – Paul

paul wheston the fish man


Our Story

In 2014, with the help of Paul’s great entrepreneurial spirit and 33 years of fish trade experience, ‘Fish, Glorious Fish’ was born.  Using the knowledge gained throughout his fish career, Paul ensures that only the best fish is sourced at the best possible price for his customers.

Fish, Glorious Fish specialise in supplying you with fresh fish and shellfish from Devon and Cornwall, buying from the daily fish auctions in Brixham, Plymouth and Newlyn. Paul’s extensive list of contacts in this industry means he is able to bring you the highest quality seafood from all over the world.


Fish, Glorious Fish has a steady supply (seasonally) of live native lobsters, fresh live mussels, oysters, clams & crab.  Lobster and Crab can be cooked on request or supplied live – the choice is yours, with no extra cost to cook.

Paul and Andrea supply stunning quality fish along with a friendly service from Paul’s shop within Casey Fields Farm Shop, RG8 8SJ.

With the help of Rebecca, we also deliver straight to your door, including Meat and Deli items from Casey Fields Farm Shop. 

Now at his most content in his career within the Fish Industry, Paul describes how he has found his calling, in his words:

“I’m happy because I feed people”

What can I buy from fish glorious fish


Jellied eels, whelks, cockles, crab sticks, anchovies in oils, seafood medley, Mixed Seafood Salad, Octopus Salad, Dressed Crab, Smoked salmon, hot smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, boiled octopus legs, Perard Soups (Lobster, Crab & Fish), Smoked Salmon Pate, Smoked Mackerel Pate and Marinated Herring fillets (Various).


Sea bass, gilthead sea bream, salmon, sea trout


Raw and cooked crevettes, tiger prawns, cooked peeled prawns, raw shell-off King prawns, Giant shell on “Mad” Prawns, brown shrimp & langoustine.


Lobster (Native in season, Canadian around December to April), cock crab, Spider Crab (when in season) mussels, clams, oysters, razor clams.


Raw de-veined king prawns, Fish Cakes (Various), Squid Tubes, baby stuffed squid, calamari, Salt n Pepper Squid, Tiger Prawns, Mussel meat, Whitebait, Sardines, Wild Red Shrimp (shelled), Red Argentinian prawns (shell on), cockles.


Cod, haddock, hake, Pollock, plaice, lemon sole, Dover sole, turbot, brill, john dory, gurnard, red mullet, sardines, mackerel, sprats, squid, octopus, halibut, wild bass, herring, megrim, whiting, skate, shark. Sashimi tuna, swordfish, snapper.

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