Due to problems with orders not being sent through to us, we ask that you please email your orders to paul@fishgloriousfish.co.uk until we can resolve the problem to avoid any orders being missed.

Andrea and Paul



A 200g portion of boneless fillet will serve 1 person.

We recommend 150g per person if you’re adding to a dish (ie curry, stew) with lots of veg and other components.

All weights are approximate so please expect a fluctuation of 10% either way, if you have very specific requirements please contact us to order in advance.

Wild fish prices will increase towards Christmas and may raise to £40+/kg



Choose your cut and we will prepare your Monktail to your specification.

On the bone the whole fish can vary between 500g – 2 kilos, priced at £25 per kilo

Filleted for £36.50 per kilo you can choose how much you would like in weight from a 150g, 200g or 400g portion.

Always supplied skinless and membrane removed.


Prices are subject to change depending on fishing conditions and market price so please call for up to date info each week if you have a concerns over accurate pricing.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Portion Size

150g, 200g boneless, 400g boneless, Whole tail 500g-2kilo pre-order


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