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Squid (frozen) – Various


Frozen squid varieties:

All varieties are individually quick frozen so you can just pour what you need, when you need it!

Squid Tubes (1kg, 600g defrosted)

Baby ‘stuffed’ Squid (1kg, 600g defrosted)

Squid Rings (1kg, 600g defrosted)

Battered Squid Rings

Salt & pepper Squid (750g)

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Squid (frozen)

Squid Tubes: Individually quick frozen the bag contains 4-5 squid bodies (no tentacles).

Baby Stuffed Squid:  Individually quick frozen baby squid tubes stuffed with wings & Tentacles (whole baby squid, cleaned ready to use) approx. 8-10 per bag

Squid Rings (calamari):  Individually quick frozen squid rings, ready to use.  These are NOT battered/breaded

Frozen weight of bags is 1kilo, defrosted and drained it is approx. 600g.

Battered Squid Rings

£9.50 per bag.

Salt & Pepper Squid:  1 box containing approx. 6 servings – £14.50 per box


Serving suggestion – Squid Tubes

Defrost at room temperature, cut into rings and dust with seasoned cornflour, for an extra crunch dip in egg then some breadcrumbs before deep frying for 3 minutes on a high heat.

Great to top off a seafood paella

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Frozen Squid

Squid Tubes, Baby stuffed squid, Squid Rings, Salt & Pepper Squid, Battered Squid Rings


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