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Andrea and Paul

Seafood Platters


Build a bespoke platter to suit your requirements,

  • Select your budget (please include £5 in your budget for salad/lemon/platter base components)
  • How many people you are feeding
  • Check the boxes next to the items you would like on your platter

If you are unsure how much you think you might need to set your budget at for the amount of people you want to feed please see details below for approximate prices of each component and then you will have an better idea.

Sizes of the Lobsters, Crabs and the Madagascan prawns can vary in size and price so please bear this in mind when ordering.

 We will make you a platter to suit your needs.

Please order platters at least two days before you require them so we can make sure we have all the components you require.

If in doubt please call Paul & Andrea on 07989956991 to discuss what you need.


 Platter components price guide

Lobster – £39 per kilo (Estimate only, price ranges from £28 – £50+ per kilo, Christmas being most expensive time) can weigh between 500g-2kilos (average weight are 600-800g) January – Easter will likely be canadian lobster.  At Christmas time, a realistic budget for a Lobster for 2 plus other items on a platter is £45-50+.  Example a 500g lobster could be £15 in summer, but £25 at Christmas.

Crab – £12.50 per kilo (Christmas can make them hard to source up to April) can weigh between 900g – 3.6 kilo  (average weight are 1.5kilo)

Madagascan Prawns £52 per kilo so around £10-19 each depending on size (Christmas is fairly steady on prices) these are big enough prawns that 1 each on a platter will be plenty, we may put one between 2 if needed to suit budget.

Oysters £1.20 each are live and will not be shucked for you so please request an oyster shucker in your check box if you do not have one – they are charged at £7.50 each then are yours to keep.

Keta Salmon eggs:  £12.50

Cooked King Prawns – shell off – We add enough to your platter so each guest will have average 2 or 3 each unless otherwise requested – usually 50p per piece

Cooked King prawns (Crevettes) – shell on – Average 80p per piece

Cooked Peeled Prawns – are small cocktail prawns and will be scattered around on your platter or contained in a clam shell or similar presentation.

Other items which are all of a smaller nature will be presented on your platter in a way that your guests will have a good selection of chosen fish so they will be satisfied with plenty of choices.

Dill and Mustard Sauce and/or seafood sauces can be supplied in dip pots – these are free with the platter.

All platters are dressed with mixed leaf salad and wedges of lemon, please let us know if you have an issue with this.


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